De-wrinkling is an important part of laundry care. It keeps your clothes looking pristine and preserves the fibers. Here are a few de-wrinkling methods to try on your everyday-wear and specialty pieces.

How to Remove Wrinkles From Clothes

1. Turn On the Shower

laundry-care-lithoniaIf you don’t have the money for a steamer, the shower is your next best option. Close the door and turn the water to the highest heat setting. Hang your wrinkled clothing on the door and allow the steam to remove wrinkles. While not as effective as a steamer, it can sometimes get the job done for clothing with light wrinkles.

2. Use a De-Wrinkling Spray

De-wrinkling sprays are also effective for light wrinkles. They’re convenient when you’re on the go or in a hurry, so pick up a laundry care product from a local store or laundromat. You can also make your own. Mix 1 cup of water with 1 teaspoon of fabric softener in a spray bottle. Spritz on your clothing and work the wrinkles out.

3. Iron & Steam

It may seem time-consuming or cumbersome, but ironing remains one of the top laundry care methods for de-wrinkling. The same goes for a handheld steamer. These tools are industry standards for removing tough wrinkles and folds. 

To steam, hang your garment on a hanger. Run the steamer wand over the wrinkles several times until you achieve the desired texture. Let the clothing sit for 10 minutes to dry before wearing it.

Ironing takes some practice. Invest in a quality ironing board and iron for the best results. Once the iron is heated, press it over seams, creases, and wrinkles. Irons provide fast, crisp results for pants, collared shirts, and other clothing.


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