Home additions not only increases the amount of space you have, but it also builds up your property value. Expanding upon your existing home is a great way to make room for more family members or fulfill the fantasies you’ve been forming for years. If you want the extra space but aren’t quite sure what you want to build, here are some ideas that are both practical and enjoyable for you to consider.

3 Room Addition Ideas for Your Home 

1. Build a Bedroom

Is your family outgrowing your space, but you love the neighborhood and really don’t want to go through the hassles of moving? Then it’s time to consider adding on a bedroom. This home addition expands your space and makes your home more accommodating.

home additionBuild the room directly onto the house, thus expanding your square footage, or construct it over the garage, which is great for guests that may visit. Adding a bedroom to your home comes not only with extra space, but a 53% ROI (return of investment). 

2. Create a Sunroom

Why have just a porch when you can have an enclosed sunroom? With big windows to fill the space with natural light, this is optimal for those who love spending time on the porch but don’t always like dealing with the bugs or weather. Sunrooms are the ideal middle point between inside an out where you can have the best of both worlds all year long. Fill your bright, sunny space with lamps, rugs, and comfy furniture to have the comfort and benefits of inside with the light airiness of the outside. Sunrooms generally provide a 50% ROI

3. Make Your Kitchen Bigger

In many homes, the kitchen is the heart, which is why this home addition will net you a 93% ROI. While a standard remodel already has significant ROI, adding to its space is truly worthwhile. Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen making food or grabbing snacks, doing homework, or chatting over steaming cups of coffee. Expanding your kitchen doesn’t just offer more floor space but opens up the potential for more storage and increased functionality as well.  


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