The decision to purchase a home for the first time is a milestone to both prepare for and celebrate. One of the best ways to anticipate this life change is to establish a house fund. Known generally as an emergency fund, a house fund provides money for quality roofing services and other professional maintenance to keep your new investment intact.

How to Create an Emergency Fund for a New House

How Much to Set Aside 

As a general rule, you should save between three and six months’ worth of living expenses to create an emergency fund. For example, if you spend about $2,000 in expenses every month, you’ll want to save at least $6,000 to prepare for home repairs.

roofing servicesAlso, look into how much you can expect to spend on home maintenance, such as plumbing, HVAC, and roofing services. If you negotiated a lower selling price because your new house needs a roof replacement, for example, get quotes from area contractors to help influence your savings goal.

How to Save

Once you establish some guidelines for your savings account, perform a financial audit on your current expenses to see what you can eliminate, such as switching from cable to an internet TV service or cooking at home instead of going out for dinner. Also, consider linking your checking account to your savings account so you can schedule automatic money transfers every week or two.

Other tips include using coupons, always shopping with a list and cash so you don’t make impulse purchases, and forgoing name brands for their store brand counterparts. Keep track of what you spend every day so you’re more aware of your buying habits; you may be surprised at where you can trim financial fat. 


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