When it comes to your home’s roof installation, there are numerous materials you can use. While metal residential roofing and shingle roofs are mainstream choices, one that is growing increasingly popular throughout the construction community is cedar. That’s because this softwood option provides numerous economic and aesthetic benefits for homeowners. Below, learn about how a cedar roof can benefit your home. 

5 Benefits of Cedar Roof Installations

1. Increase Curb Appeal

Solid wood roofing is always beautiful, but cedar is especially aesthetically pleasing. Its dark rich color is able to blend seamlessly with a variety of housing and siding designs and adds an element of elegance to any home. This improved curb appeal is great for increasing the home’s value and will help you sell your home quickly when the time comes to move.

2. Lower Roof Repairs

Roof InstallationThis type of roof installation is particularly beneficial to anyone who lives in areas where storm damage is frequent. It’s naturally resistant to moisture, wind, UV rays, and insect damage, which helps it maintain its structural integrity through a variety of elements. Plus, there are numerous treatment options that further protects it from fire, fungus, and moss growth so that you’ll need less roofing services over its life.

3. Reduce Energy Costs

Another reason roofing contractors recommend cedar is because it is naturally a great insulator. During the hot summer months, it prevents the warm air from penetrating into your attic. During the winter, it locks in the heat within the home. That means you’ll end up spending less money on your monthly utility bills while still staying comfortable all year long.

4. Benefit the Environment 

Cedar roofing is created using sustainable materials without the use of dangerous chemicals. Plus, when it’s time for a cedar roof replacement, the old roof can be recycled rather than ending up in a landfill. These benefits make it the perfect choice for homeowners who are concerned with their carbon footprint.

5. Decrease Weight 

Cedar is perfect for anyone who is replacing their old and damaged roof. This is because it weighs less than most other materials without sacrificing any of its strength and durability. If you are upgrading to a wood roof, you don’t have to worry about adding extra strain to your foundation or causing any unnecessary settling within the foundation when the new roof is installed.


Whether you are replacing an old roof installation or building a new one, consider a cedar option from the experts at Sandberg Contracting LLC in McKinney, TX. For more than 20 years, their registered and insured team of roofing contractors have helped local homeowners keep their property protected with high-quality roofs. They can set you up with a beautiful cedar option that will look great and last for years. Schedule a consultation by calling (972) 989-8100 or learn more about their services online.