A gutter system is the perfect solution to protect your residential roofing and siding from stray rainwater, mold, and structural damage. There are a wide variety of accessories available to make the system more effective and easier to maintain, as well as make your home's exterior more attractive. Below, learn some of the most common residential gutter accessories.

3 Items You Should Add to Your Gutter System

1. Leaf Guards

There are several types of leaf guards, including layers of mesh over the top of the gutter or a specially designed lip that lets water in but not debris. These guards keep these materials from getting trapped in your gutter and causing clogs. You won't need to clean the system as frequently with a leaf guard in place, and you are less likely to have water puddles or overflow because of a clog.

2. Downspout Splash Control

GuttersWhen water pours out of your downspout too quickly, it's common for it to splash mud against the house or damage the landscaping at the bottom of the spout. A downspout extension helps carry water away from the house and points the flow in the direction you prefer. A splash block provides a hard surface for the water to land on. This will prevent erosion and will help direct the flow of water. 

3. Ornamentation

Instead of a downspout, your gutter system can use a rain chain, which is a Japanese-inspired dangling chain of small, decorated cups that directs water down into a container or onto the ground. Also, if your gutters are too plain for your liking, you can choose decorative hangers and brackets. These are the components that support your gutters and attach them to the edge of your roof. They come in a wide range of colors and designs, including animals, plants, people, and other stylized designs and textures.


For help making your gutters more functional and more attractive, contact Sandberg Contracting, LLC in McKinney, TX. Serving Collin County, they offer both installation and repairs and are happy to work with your insurance company to ensure that your home exterior is in perfect condition after it has been damaged. Call (972) 989-8100 to speak to a representative or visit their website for more information.