A quality roof is a smart investment to make for your home. If your residential roofing gets damaged, the question becomes, do you just repair it, or replace the whole thing? Here’s what’s involved in repairing and replacing, and how to decide which is right for your roof.

How to Fix Your Roof

What’s Involved in Roof Repair?

Roof repair services can address a wide variety of issues. If a few shingles have blown off in high winds, they can easily be replaced. For larger areas of damage, like those caused by falling branches, a residential roofing contractor can install a patch. Repair services typically do not involve removing existing shingles or replacing the decking or underlayment.

residential roofingThere are many factors that can damage your roof over time, including UV rays and hail, so it’s important to have it inspected annually to address repairs before small problems become more costly.

What’s Involved in Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is when all the old shingles are removed and the decking and supports are inspected for damage. Should damage exist, the affected areas will be removed and replaced with new material.

Next, a new underlayment is applied and a new layer of shingles is installed. During the roof installation, your gutters will also be replaced.

How to Decide

If the damage is minor or localized to a small area of the roof, repairs will likely be sufficient. Also, most building codes restrict the number of layers of shingles that can be installed on a residential building to two. If your home only has one layer, you can take advantage of re-roofing, which is usually a cheaper option than replacement.

You should get a full roof replacement if your roof is severely damaged, sagging, rotting, or leaking. Additionally, if your roof needs repair and is nearing the end of its lifespan, consider replacing it.


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