The gutters take water from the roof and disperse it to the ground below via a downspout. Many issues can arise when the components are damaged or poorly maintained. This guide explains some of the problems that commonly occur and how you can prevent problems from happening in the first place. 

What Issues Are Caused By Damaged Gutters?

When the channels are clogged, water won’t flow to the ground and will pool on the roof instead. Over time, this puts you at risk of damaged shingles and leaks, as water can infiltrate holes in the roof and make its way into your home. Rot and mold growth can also develop on the frame and underlayment. 

The downspouts must be positioned away from the home so that water doesn’t run down the siding. If it does, it can get under the material and contribute to rot, which diminishes your property’s appearance.

An improperly positioned downspout can saturate the soil around your home’s foundation. If the excess hydration shifts the surrounding ground, the foundation may become cracked. A flooded basement is also an issue that you should keep an eye out for. 

What to Look for If You Suspect Damage

GuttersIf there are clogs in the system, you may notice little to no water coming out of the downspout when it rains. Other problems, like rust, can lead to holes forming, which will impact where water flows on your property.

The fasteners holding the gutters to your home can also loosen over time. It may look like the channels are hanging off your home instead of staying firmly attached to the roof. Only look for these issues from the ground. A trained professional can safely get onto the roof and inspect the problems closer without putting anyone at risk.

Maintenance Tips

Prevent these issues by taking care of the gutters after they’re installed. The channels should be cleaned at least twice a year, and any trees near the home should be trimmed regularly to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the system and clogging it. Consider installing guards that allow water to flow freely but keep twigs, leaves, and branches out of the gutters. 


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