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About Perlita Lampitoc, M.D.

As parents, the health and safety of your child often takes priority over other things in your life. While you can ensure that you take all the proper steps at home to ward off illness, once your child leaves home, they are exposed to a variety of germs and bacteria that threaten the health of your family. At the office of Perlita Lampitoc, M.D., their pediatricians take great pride in their ability to help you keep your children healthy through their first-rate pediatric care.

Located in Waipahu, HI, this children's clinic, headed by Dr. Perlita Lampitoc, is just as concerned with your child’s health and well-being as you are and will treat them like their own. Caring for children of every age bracket, from infants to adolescents, these pediatricians provide a variety of healthcare services, such as physical examinations, wellness checkups and exams, disease screenings, and flu shots and other immunizations.

Whether you simply wish to make sure your child has the defenses they need to ward off illness or they have come down with an illness and require care, turn to the pediatricians at the office of Perlita Lampitoc, M.D. today for care you can count on. To speak with a receptionist about scheduling an appointment for your child today, call (808) 671-8539.


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