While a cracked windshield may seem like nothing more than an eyesore, it can quickly turn into a much bigger problem. In fact, this is one of the most important auto body repairs to address promptly, as it creates significant safety risks. Here are a few reasons to replace your windshield as soon as possible.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Cracked Windshield

1. Reduced Visibility

A crack in your windshield can end up hindering your visibility of the road. Windshields are designed with multiple layers of tempered glass, which can cause a prism effect where the crack has formed. In turn, you may not be able to fully see the surroundings, including other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, or animals that are about to cross your path. Without proper auto body repair, dirt, water, and debris can also fill the crack, further obstructing your vision.

2. Increased Accident Danger

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A windshield helps support a car's roof, meaning a significant portion of a vehicle's structural integrity depends on this glass. When it's damaged, there's a greater possibility of the roof collapsing in an accident.

Additionally, a cracked windshield is more likely to shatter upon impact. This will leave you more vulnerable to injuries, as you could be ejected from the vehicle and the airbags might not deploy properly.

3. Potential Citation

Ignoring a cracked windshield is not only dangerous, but it's also illegal in many areas. Since damages can reduce visibility and cause distractions, laws are in place to prevent motorists from driving with them. As such, if you were to get pulled over, you could receive a costly citation. It's best to save yourself the hassle by taking your car in for auto body repair right away.


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