The need for auto body repair isn’t always immediately visible when you're looking at your vehicle. This is especially true when it comes to the frame it's built on. If you’ve recently been in a fender bender or are worried your used car purchase has hidden issues, it’s worth being aware of signs of frame damage. An intact body is vital for safety, resale value, and preventing further damage to other parts of the vehicle, so here’s what to watch—and listen—for if you’re concerned.

How to Tell Your Car's Frame Needs Auto Body Repair

1. Imperfect Door & Window Fit

A bent frame causes latches and panels to fall out of alignment. Pay attention to whether or not it takes a lot of force to close doors, the hood, or the trunk. Bending can also make components seem looser than usual due to gaps between the windows or doors and the main body of the vehicle. Without repairs, these components could start popping open without warning while the car is in motion.

2. Sideways Pull While Steering

Body damage can interfere with suspension and alignment. This can lead to the tires not hitting the ground evenly, reducing the car’s responsiveness to the steering wheel. 

If you notice the car drifting during turns or constantly have to correct its path when driving in a straight line, contact an auto body repair shop. Drivers with this type of frame damage may also notice vibrations in the steering wheel.

3. Uneven Tire Wear

auto body repair

If the tires are properly installed and inflated, their tread should wear down evenly. If the frame around the axles is bent, tires will be oddly angled. This results in one side or area wearing down at a faster rate. If you have to replace tires frequently or notice isolated balding issues, the frame should likely be examined.

4. Weird Noises

Most drivers know they should take their car to the shop if they hear metallic screeching or constant squeaking. Before deciding if you need a mechanic or an auto body repair expert, try to determine the source of the sound. Noises related to engine issues are usually isolated to the front of a vehicle, but sounds caused by a bent frame can come from any section of the car.

5. Damaged Engine Components

Cracks or bends in the frame allow engine blocks to twist in ways they weren’t designed to resist. This can snap mounts or loosen screws. If fluid reservoirs get bent, their caps won’t seal tightly, causing leaks. Check for spotting or stains on the car’s regular parking spot. 


If you notice any of these warning signs, contact the auto body repair experts at Engel’s Auto Service & Towing in Cincinnati, OH. This experienced team will inspect any vehicle post-collision to identify possible frame straightening and other body repair needs. Their friendly crew has been serving the community since 1966 and is committed to providing high-quality work with quick turnaround times. Call (513) 385-8246 to request a free estimate or read more about their auto body services online.