From kitchen remodels to basic home improvement, electricians cover a broad range of projects. Due to this, they must have the necessary tools and electrical supplies. Whether you primarily deal with residential or commercial projects, here are the tools you should have at all times.

What Are Some Essential Electrical Supplies?

1. Multimeter

Necessary for measuring the voltage, current, and resistance, multimeters are critical for any electrical toolkit. Some analog models use a needle to indicate the result. You can also find digital ones that tell you the number. 

2. Voltage Tester

To prevent shock and electrocution, you need a voltage tester. It's a handheld device with a little bulb and two small test probes. It will tell you whether there's electricity flowing through the wire or device. These testers are necessary for your safety.

3. Pliers

electrical supplies

For precision grip as well as wire cutting and bending, you'll need pliers. Side-cutting, diagonal cutting, tongue and groove, and needle-nose pliers are handy for electricians. Regardless of the type, always look for pliers that feel comfortable. If they aren't, you won't get as much use out of them. It's also smart to get them in multiple sizes for different projects.

4. Wire Strippers

To make a live connection with electrical wiring, you'll need to use wire strippers to remove the protective insulation. These look similar to pliers, but they have grooves that carefully cut through the insulation rather than the wiring.

5. Utility Knife

Finally, like any contractor, a utility knife is an excellent, all-purpose tool. Aside from the ability to cut zip-ties, packaging, or pieces of drywall, electricians can use it to strip wire insulation. Some are designed with more precision than others, but it's useful to have at least one in your kit.


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