Your kids can create lasting memories playing in a backyard treehouse. From a floating castle to a pirate ship, a treehouse can become anywhere in a child’s imagination. Before you pick up lumber and tools to start building, follow the advice here on how to create a safe structure while limiting alterations to the tree.

A Guide to Constructing the Perfect Treehouse

1. Consider Location Wisely

On a property with multiple trees, choose one that is healthy and fully mature to support the structure. Cedar, maple, and oak are examples of species that are suitable for treehouse construction. The ground around the tree should be level and free of moisture problems to provide a sturdy foundation for construction.

2. Leave Room for Growth

lumberAfter the elevated structure is built, the tree will continue to grow, both in height and width. Keep this in mind during the planning stages. Make sure the beams and panels leave enough room so that they won’t impede new growth.

Ensure the frame height is tall enough to accommodate adults as well as children in case you need to access the space for repairs.

3. Limit the Number of Holes Created

When you puncture the tree’s bark, viruses can enter and cause infection. Using nails and screws to secure the lumber to the tree would create many holes. Instead, use a handful of fasteners and large lag bolts to secure the structure to the tree. Avoid placing these anchors in close proximity to each other or in a straight line to prevent the tree from forming a large hole.

To keep the plant healthy, only use nails and screws on the treehouse frame, flooring, and wall panels.


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