If you were recently outfitted with braces to correct misaligned or gapped teeth, you’ll need to make several diet adjustments. Certain foods can damage wires and brackets, which can cause broken parts to rub against soft, sensitive mouth tissue. To help you adjust to braces and prevent damage, review the following guide. 

Foods to Eat


Soft foods prevent sensitivity issues as you get used to chewing with braces, in addition to preventing damage. The best soft foods to consume include yogurt, scrambled eggs, pudding, oatmeal, boiled vegetables, pureed fruits, soft breads, assorted soups, and rice cereal. Fruit smoothies are also ideal, and you can add a protein source such as almond milk or protein powder. 

Once chewing-related soreness goes away, you can enjoy a wider range of foods that help you stay healthy and energized. Rice, soft cheeses, boneless cooked poultry and seafood, steamed vegetables, pasta, quinoa, soft tacos, hamburgers, and soft fruits are all safe to eat. You can also enjoy popsicles and ice cream, which are especially soothing after getting your braces tightened. 

Foods to Avoid 

Any food in the hard, sticky, or crunchy category should not be part of your new diet. Hard and crunchy food puts pressure on the metal wires and brackets, which can result in displacement issues. Sticky foods can also adhere to and dislodge the brackets and appliances. 

Foods you should steer clear of include nuts, hard candy, popcorn, chewy/sticky candy such as toffee and fudge, chips, hard breads and pretzels, whole raw vegetables, meat on the bone, and whole hard fruits, such as apples. 

In addition to maintaining a braces-friendly diet, consider using an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth throughout treatment. These brushes make it easier to remove plaque and food particles in between the brackets and wires. 


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