If your office relies on printers to deliver essential documents every day, you need them to continue functioning flawlessly. When a printer sees so much use, a faulty component is bound to appear. Some fixes are quick and easy, but others will require professional printer repair services. Here are some common warning signs of a printer that needs attention.

How to Tell When You Need Printer Repairs

1. Error Codes

While error codes are convenient features on printers, they can also become a problem when they show up constantly. Persistent error codes may be the result of many issues. They could indicate fluctuating temperatures in the fuser unit, a problem detecting the laser unit, or an error with the main motor. These errors can damage your printer or start affecting other components, so you should have the machine checked as soon as possible.

2. Poor Print Quality

Unwanted marks, gaps of missing ink, and blotted lines on your printouts are a clear sign that something is wrong. These blemishes can cause frustration when they repeatedly ruin important documents. If they are affecting every page, the culprit could be the print drum, developer unit, paper feeder, thermal transfer ribbon, or ink roller.

3. Not Printing

printer repair

If the printer has stopped printing altogether, work can come to a standstill until it is fixed. Outdated software and connectivity issues can be resolved fairly quickly, but if the fault is with the hardware, a printer repair will be necessary.

Paper jams can also prevent printing. Removing stuck pages usually clears up the problem, but if this doesn’t work and the jams occur frequently, the printer may be due for maintenance.

4. Strange Noises

Printers can be noisy, but the sound they make while operating should be smooth and consistent. If you hear grinding, whirring, or squealing when it is in use, you’re likely dealing with a misaligned or broken transfer roller. Since misalignment can be caused by missing or broken parts, both of which are problems that need to be addressed by a qualified printer repair service.


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