Determining the most appropriate trees to plant in a small yard can be tricky. It’s key to choose a species that works well in the scope of your available space. It shouldn’t overwhelm the home or overshadow the rest of your landscaping, but it should contribute some value to the yard. Here are some options to consider.

What Are the Best Trees for a Small Yard?

1. Flowering Dogwood

The flowering dogwood is available in a wide range of sizes. Whether your yard is especially small or just large enough to accommodate a single tree, you’ll find that this option fits in beautifully.

It also happens to be Missouri’s state tree, making it an especially fitting choice. You can choose one that’s so compact it resembles a shrub, or one that’s just large enough to produce brilliant blossoms that highlight your landscaping.

2. Possum Haw

landscapingNot only is the possum haw small enough for your yard, but it’s also easy to maintain. During the summer, it shows off petite white flowers that add a dash of color to your landscaping. Come winter, you’ll find bright red berries growing from its stems as the leaves begin to fall.

Although the fruit will grow far more abundantly in the sunlight, the possum haw will also perform well if you plant it in the shade. It can be as small as a shrub or grow as tall as 15 feet.

3. Bladdernut

This tree capably fills gaps on small landscapes that could benefit from lush, eye-catching vegetation. It doesn’t need too much sunshine, so you can expect it to grow even in areas of greater shade. At its tallest, it won’t rise much more than 15 feet.  


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