In order for plants, turf, and flowers to grow and remain healthy, the soil beneath them has to be in good shape. The easiest way to tell if your biosoil is healthy or not is to simply observe it with your eyes. Here is a simple guide on what to look for while digging into your soil.

4 Signs Your Soil Is Healthy

1. Presence of Insects

biosoilWhile insects might give you the heebie jeebies, they are essential for your soil. Earthworms in particular are beneficial to your soil. They add vital nutrients to the soil through their castings and introduce air to the soil by going through it. If you dig through the dirt and see a lot of worms, it’s a good sign.

2. Plant Particles

Believe it or not, plant residue from previous plants can keep your soil in good shape. These particles keep weeds away and help the soil conserve more moisture. If you notice leftover plant matter in your biosoil, it may be in better shape than you think.

3. Proper Root Development

Your plants’ root development can also tell you a lot about the health of your soil. Carefully dig around one plant with a hand trowel and then pull the plant out. Look at the plant’s roots. If they are fine and white, it means they are healthy. If they are brown and soggy, it indicates that there is something wrong with the soil.

4. Water Infiltration 

Proper infiltration ensures that plants receive the water they need. To check the soil’s infiltration, pour a glass of water into it. If the biosoil absorbs the water in just a few seconds, it’s likely in good shape. On the other hand, if the soil takes a while to soak up the water, the soil may be compacted.


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