While growing a rooftop garden opens up a new world of environmental and hosting possibilities, it’s not quite as straightforward as it might seem. In fact, if you just start planting with your standard garden soil, you could cause significant damage. Before you begin, learn more about green roof soil and why it’s essential to creating a prospering rooftop garden.

Why Can’t You Use Ordinary Soil on Your Roof?

There are several reasons you shouldn’t use a traditional soil mix for your rooftop garden. First, the soil will become compact, and plants won’t thrive as well as you'd expect. Regular potting soil will also absorb more moisture and get heavier over time, which can affect the consistency and cause plants to become overly saturated.

Additionally, the increased weight of the soil may be too much for the structure of the roof. If the irrigation system isn’t sufficiently drawing moisture from the soil, the increased weight can cause damage to the roof, resulting in leaks. In extreme cases, the roof may even cave in under the pressure.

What Is Green Roof Soil?

Green roof soil is a type of growing media that’s similar to the media used in hydroponics. It involves the use of other materials, which can include many options to achieve a lightweight mixture. Regardless of the type of growing media you use, it'll have to meet specific requirements to ensure your plants will thrive. Primarily, it should be able to retain water without becoming heavy or more compact.

The growing media also shouldn't biodegrade or decompose easily. Otherwise, your garden may lose its growing media quickly, costing your plants the support they need to thrive. This also explains why the growing media should be lightweight, but provide a sturdy environment to support your plants.


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