Summer temperatures can be devastating for gardens, which is why you must prepare your yard for harsh weather. Familiarizing yourself with proper care and using the right soil mix and resources will help you maintain a healthy environment, even during heatwaves and drought. Below are helpful tips you can start using today.

How to Keep Your Gardens Healthy During Summer

1. Know When & How to Water

Over and underwatering are common problems during heat waves. As the temperatures rise, you don't need to water each garden more often—instead, water during the early morning when the sun isn't overhead. You should also focus on watering deeply rather than frequently, so moisture can settle and stay in the soil. To gauge if you're watering enough, press a stick into the ground. If less than 4 inches are moist, continue watering.

2. Add Mulch

soil mixMulch is more than a cosmetic addition to a garden. A healthy layer will shade the plants' roots from the sun to prevent evaporation. Mulch also holds moisture, so plants will receive water throughout the day. Lay down 3 to 4 inches of mulch, and choose a color that complements your client's landscaping.

3. Use Compost & the Right Soil Mix

If you're planting new growth, make sure you're using the right soil mix. Those that contain compost and are low on fertilizers will create the best growing conditions for plants during heat waves. Also, look into engineered soils with plenty of nutrients to help the plants get off to a healthy start.

4. Take Advantage of Shade

You can further cut down on evaporation and sun damage by shading the garden. Simply adding tall sticks around the perimeter and draping a translucent cloth overhead is enough to help many plants continue producing throughout the summer.


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