Soil amendments can improve or preserve the physical or biological components of your soil. However, different materials have different purposes, so choosing one will depend on what needs correcting. Whether you're aiming to balance pH levels or improve water drainage, these amendments can help.

Soil Amendments That Can Improve Garden Health

1. Compost

This type of soil amendment is made of human food waste, manure, or grass clippings decomposed in yard waste, such as wood chips or dried leaves. The blend of carbon- and nitrogen-rich materials creates microbes when it breaks down, leading to biological activity that conditions and strengthens the particles within dirt by increasing their capacity for nutrients.

2. Worm Castings

soil amendmentOne of the most nutrient-dense soil amendments is earthworm waste. This material is produced when worms eat their way through organic compost, creating a fertilizer high in minerals and nitrate. These properties help soil regulate its water usage while increasing its aeration and drainage, improving the strength and vibrance of plants.

3. Lime

Acidic soil is less able to absorb essential nutrients from fertilizer and other natural food sources. To increase your dirt's pH levels and reverse the effects of nutrient deficiency, apply agricultural lime or ground limestone rock. Both contain high amounts of calcium and magnesium carbonate, which bring soil to a neutral level by increasing its alkalinity.

4. Gypsum

Composed of a blend of calcium and sulfur, gypsum is used to loosen up heavy clay found in your soil. This material allows oxygen aeration and water percolation to occur more effectively through compacted soil. As a result, the ground can drain more effectively, which will reduce erosion from runoff.


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