When you want to showcase outdoor features at night, you have many options to light the area. Gas lamps are one of the most practical and beautiful ways to accomplish this, giving a rustic glow to your landscape. Below are several benefits that these lights offer.

Why Should You Install Gas Lamps Outside?

1. Avoid Insects 

With traditional electric lighting, insects will swarm around the bulbs, which can make sitting outside with family members unpleasant. However, gas lamps emit an amber glow, which is much less appealing to bugs. Most pests have limited color vision and can only see one of two color ranges: green and yellow or blue and ultraviolet. While they can differentiate between light and dark colors, they cannot see red, which means they will likely bypass a light giving off a warm glow. Instead, they may seek out artificial sources that produce a yellow light.


2. Require Minimal Maintenance

Gas lamps are incredibly durable and do not require much maintenance. For example, while you may need to clean the glass once a year to ensure clarity, the lights shouldn’t demand much attention other than this. This allows you to focus on other landscaping chores or devote more time to your hobbies. This ensures the home always has bright lights illuminating the best outdoor features.

3. Function During Outages

When you have traditional electric lights, they will not function during a power outage, presenting a security risk to the property. Alternatively, gas lamps will continue to work even if the home does not have power. As long as you space them strategically around the landscape, the lights will bathe the entire property in a soft glow, ensuring your family can navigate the area safely. Additionally, the constant illumination will deter burglars, as they are more likely to be spotted. 


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