Savoring a scrumptious meal hot off the grill is one of the highlights of cooking outdoors during the spring and summer. Creating an inviting and entertaining space for family and friends to enjoy juicy steaks, buttery corn on the cob, and tangy barbecue elevates the experience. Whether you're using a gas grill or another appliance, there is an array of exciting backyard designs options to consider. Here are several tips for transforming your outdoor space.

How to Elevate Your Backyard Grilling Experience

1. Determine Grill Location

A gas grill's location can make the cooking experience seamless and convenient. Consider putting the appliance near the backdoor or an entrance that leads to or near the kitchen. This can simplify the meal preparation process if you have to carry items outside from indoors. It's also helpful if you need to retrieve meat or cold items from the refrigerator. The location also makes it easier to install upgrades that may require connections to nearby gas or electrical lines. Do not place grills directly up against a house since this can be a fire hazard.

2. Create Comfortable Coverage

gas grills

Installing a canopy or patio umbrella will help keep the outdoor dining area shady and comfortable. The additional coverage is also ideal for protecting food preparation areas from unexpected rain showers and direct sun exposure. Select an overhang that will accommodate the entire dimensions of the table and chairs.

3. Illuminate the Space

Place landscaping light fixtures around the gas grill and its surroundings to instantly create an alluring nighttime ambiance. Task lighting will help you prepare and cook food under the stars. Consider track fixtures so that guests can safely navigate around the outdoor space and take in the vibrant colors of the grilled dishes.

4. Customize & Accessorize

From large clay pots with vibrant plants and flowers to wind chimes and patio furniture, there are unlimited ways in which you can design a unique outdoor grilling space. Accessorize the area so that it becomes a leisurely dining retreat. Include comfortable amenities, such as fluffy seat cushions and throw blankets, for chilly evenings. Place rotating serving trays on each end of the table so that guests can easily reach for spices, condiments, and extra napkins.


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