Helping your clients decide whether they prefer an asphalt or concrete subbase or surface for their outdoor basketball court will depend on several factors, as each material comes with advantages and drawbacks. Consulting with a concrete or concrete sealer or asphalt repair materials supplier will help you give your clients better information. The guide below highlights different aspects of each material.

A Primer on Asphalt & Concrete for Sports  


Whether as surface or subbase materials, asphalt and concrete are strong, long-lasting materials that can withstand the elements. Asphalt is porous for drainage. The higher binder content of asphalt used to accommodate foot traffic relative to vehicle traffic also reduces the risk of moisture issues. Asphalt generally lasts 15 to 20 years. Concrete with a vapor barrier and correct rebar is also incredibly strong, lasting for 30 to 40 years with proper care. Proper application, thickness, sealers, and supporting materials will also maximize the useful lifespans of these materials. Both surfaces can break down over time and can crack or crumble, but are easy to fix with concrete or asphalt repair. 

Appearance & Functionality 

Asphalt RepairAsphalt provides an even surface for bouncing the ball and gripping with tennis shoes. Its softness relative to concrete is also easier on the joints. Concrete is harder, but also offers non-slip qualities. Both materials accept surface coatings, so courts can be painted to the client’s specifications. 


Both materials require upkeep. Resurfacing the material every year will keep cracks and holes from developing and help prevent injuries. The court must be finished with a sealcoating after application to prevent weather or rough playing from harming the surface. The sealant will provide moisture resistance and reduce the need for concrete and asphalt repairs.


When you’re ready to recommend a basketball court surface and substrate to your clients, contact the professionals at Rochester Jet-Blak Sealers in Monroe County, NY. The suppliers offer a wide range of commercial and residential products, including sealcoating and paving equipment. Whether you’re handling a new installation or need to perform concrete or asphalt repairs, they have the tools you need. Call (585) 436-5050 today to speak with a representative or visit them online to learn more about their product selection.