Compared to stocks and bonds, precious metals have reliable values, and the government cannot lower demand by producing more, like with coins or paper money. If you are interested in investing your hard-earned money into precious metals, you will have to decide which to choose, such as platinum or gold bullion. Use the following guide to compare the two options.

Gold Bullion

gold bullion

This precious metal is a much more common investment than platinum, and there is a larger amount of it in the world. It is often relied upon for its stability, as its value is not at the mercy of supply and demand. 

Many investors end up selling their gold in exchange for stocks when the economy is doing well, and turn to gold as a safe haven during times of economic duress. It is also less vulnerable to inflation, so it will not be harder to buy back in the future, and you will not feel hesitant to sell it when needed.


If you have ever shopped for jewelry before, you know that platinum is more expensive than gold, as it is rarer and harder to extract from the earth than gold. When it comes to reliability, platinum may not be as trustworthy as gold bullion to investors because it has not been used as an investment for as long. Also, while gold can be extracted from around the world, platinum is only found in Russia and South Africa, which may make it harder to get in times of political tension. 

Unlike gold bullion, platinum is also more susceptible to fluctuations in value due to supply and demand. In times of economic duress, platinum prices decrease, which may make it less attractive to investors. In times of prosperity, it becomes more valuable, as it is used to make engines, vehicles, and many types of machinery.


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