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If you want to play the keyboard, guitar, or drums, this summer is the perfect time to start. Hawaii MusicWorks in Pearl City is hosting a Summer Camp, offering music lessons for children, teens, and adults. You can enroll at any time, and the classes start June 7 and run through July. Here’s what to expect from the program.


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Those looking to learn the keyboard will work with Instructor Mark to learn basic piano skills and musical theory. This class also utilizes new technology to make the learning environment more fun and interactive. Novice musicians will learn the basics, like note reading, then progress to more advanced concepts, such as improvisation and composing music.


This course is led by Instructor Kira, and students will interact in an ensemble atmosphere. Beginners start with the basic rhythm and strumming patterns, then progress to cover reading rhythm notation and chord theory. Students practice together to learn about harmony, tempo, and dynamics in a real-world setting.


Instructor Payton helps students form a strong foundation for setting the tempo in an ensemble or group. Students start with the basics, like learning how to hold their sticks, then progress to learn musical concepts, such as tempo, beats, rhythm patterns, and rudiments. The class also integrates various types of percussion, from snare drums to cymbals. By the end of the program, advanced students may participate in duet or percussion ensembles.

The music lessons available at Hawaii MusicWorks' Summer Camp are open to students of all ages and skill levels. The team will help you improve your skills, and you can customize a plan to achieve your music goals while having fun. To register or request more information about their music lessons, visit their website or call (808) 486-8600.


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