If your child enjoys music and wants to learn how to sing or play a particular instrument, you might enroll them in music lessons. Despite their passion for the activity, many students get discouraged with their progress, which may cause them to want to quit. If your young child or teen is showing frustration, gently encourage them to continue their music classes using the following tips.

How to Motivate Your Child to Stick With Music Lessons

1. Uncover the Reason for Quitting

You may naturally assume that if your child no longer wants to take music lessons, they must be bored or interested in something else. While these are valid reasons, they do not apply to every individual who is thinking about quitting. 

Perhaps your child enjoys singing or learning to play an instrument, but they are nervous about performing in recitals. They may also feel insecure or inferior to other students in their class. Consider talking with your child or teen to uncover the reason behind their desire to quit. Some problems, like stage fright, can be addressed while allowing them to continue learning.

2. Seek Assistance From Their Music Mentor

If you're unsure how to address your child's desire to quit their lessons, you can reach out to their coach or mentor for guidance. Depending on your child's reasoning, working directly with their music mentor can be beneficial. For instance, if your son or daughter is bored in class, the instructor could introduce exciting new music they're more interested in. In some cases, they may use incentives or a different teaching approach to ensure that lessons are ongoing and effective.

3. Relieve Them of Pressure

Sometimes, people feel pressure to excel when learning something new and creative, such as the guitar or piano. Kids are no different. If your child feels pressure to do well, they may not be enjoying their music lessons anymore for fear of failing or not progressing as they think they should. 

Though becoming musically proficient requires discipline, you can use your judgment to make practice less of a burden. For instance, allow them to skip the occasional practice day at home and be present during their rehearsal time as a supportive audience. It may also help to switch to a short lesson instead of a long one. Celebrate your child's small victories with them. Since it's not easy learning how to sing or play an instrument, your positivity will go a long way.


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