If you've always wanted to learn guitar, the first step is getting an instrument of your own. Stepping into the music store can be both exciting and overwhelming, so knowing what to look for can assist in your search. Consider the following tips to find the right guitar for you.

A Beginner's Guide to Buying a Guitar

1. Consider the Type

Choosing the type of sound you want will help narrow your search, so decide if you want an acoustic or electric guitar. Acoustic is a classic choice used in a wide range of genres, from folk music to pop. They can come with either nylon or steel strings. Although the latter has a louder sound, most beginners find that the former is easier on the fingers.

If you're a big fan of rock music, then you may prefer an electric guitar. They come in many shapes and body types, so choose what looks, sounds, and feels best for you.

2. Choose the Right Size

Guitars aren't one-size-fits-all, so your height and age are important considerations in the selection process. Make sure you can comfortably hold and carry them to make learning and playing easier. Electric instruments are smaller than acoustic ones, but they are typically heavier. 

Some acoustic guitars may be too large and bulky for shorter players. Additionally, those with nylon strings have thicker necks. If you enjoy their soft sound but have small hands, choose one with a slim neck.

3. Don't Buy by Brand

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Well-known brands are typically popular for a reason, and you'll find many high-quality guitars made by bigger manufacturers. However, this isn't always the case for beginner-friendly instruments, as some are sometimes made with cheaper materials. Research your options beforehand to ensure you're getting a good quality guitar to start with.

4. Get Your Accessories

While you're at the music store, purchase the accessories that you'll need to play. Starter packs and bundles are convenient options for people just starting to learn guitar. These include essential accessories like picks, straps, tuners, extra strings, a gig bag, and an amplifier and cables for electric options.

5. Try Before You Buy

Finding the instrument you want online can be convenient, but you should always test it out before taking it home. A guitar could have all the right features and dimensions, but it might not feel right or sound the way you want it to when you play it in person. After trying a few out, pick the one that gets you excited to start playing.


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