If your child is learning a new instrument, you may be debating signing them up for group-based or private music lessons. Each approach has a distinct set of advantages, but choosing the one that will best support their musical development depends on various factors. The following guide explains more about the characteristics of these two teaching methods and how to get your young musician off to a good start.

Group Music Lessons

Young children and those without prior musical experience often benefit most from group lessons. Kids are usually more comfortable in these settings because they've become accustomed to them through school. Thus, learning an instrument with peers of similar skill levels helps them feel less pressured and more willing to take risks and experiment.

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Group activities encourage bonding between participants and provide opportunities for shared learning, mutual support, and fun social experiences. These lessons teach students the basic skills necessary for playing, such as understanding rhythm patterns for guitars or drums or learning about chord progressions on the keyboard.

If your child is interested in joining a band or an orchestra, playing in a group setting introduces them to the concept of cooperating with other aspiring musicians and following a conductor's directions. The confidence they gain during these lessons can also motivate them to innovate and experiment as they advance.

Private Music Lessons

While group lessons offer a supportive environment for beginners, they don't provide the one-on-one attention needed to improve their abilities. For that reason, private lessons are often a better choice for intermediate and advanced musicians who require individual help to master complex aspects of their instrument.

For example, your child might struggle with a concept during their group lesson and feel left behind since the instructor focuses on the entire class. Similarly, an advanced student may feel unsupported if they have the skill and confidence to progress to a higher stage. Private tutors can support both struggling and developed musicians by tailoring lesson plans to address their weaknesses and help them build on their strengths.


Whether your child wants to start playing music in a group setting or is ready to build on their skills with individual tutoring, they can count Hawaii MusicWorks. Located in Pearl City, HI, this music school has provided group and private music lessons to children throughout West Oahu since 1995. Their experienced music coaches can help your child develop their skills when singing or playing guitar, drums, and keyboards. Call (808) 486-8600 to find the right lesson for your young musician, or reach out to them online to learn more about enrollment.