Taking music lessons can have several benefits, from boosting creativity to reducing stress—playing an instrument can even be a source of income. Whether you’re a guitar player who wants to broaden their horizons or interested in learning an instrument for the first time, pick up the bass. Here’s why you should learn to play it.

3 Reasons to Learn Bass Guitar

1. Improve as a Musician

Basslines influence the music’s rhythm and harmony. The bass lays the foundation for a song’s movement, tone, and mood because it has a low frequency. Having control over a significant aspect of the music will give you a greater appreciation for how a band’s instruments complement each other. If you’re a guitar player or singer, learning how to play the bass will help you accommodate and complement your bassists during a song.

2. Get More Gigs

imageAlthough the guitar is a more popular instrument than bass, bands typically require more bassists than guitarists. Since fewer people play the bass, you’ll have more opportunity to choose who you want to jam with. If you’re a proficient guitarist, learn the bass to give yourself twice the chance to get gigs.

3. Become a Better Composer

Many successful producers and composers start as bassists. Since the bass is the foundation of a musical arrangement, learning the fundamentals of this instrument will help you understand the building blocks required to produce a fantastic song.


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