Many students participate in music lessons as a fun extracurricular activity. However, these classes play a significant role in a youngster’s overall development. If your child or teen seems musically inclined, here’s why you should enroll them in formal sessions.

The Benefits of Music Lessons

1. Builds Confidence

Learning to sing or play an instrument gives children a sense of achievement no matter which skill level they reach. Playing music for others may build their confidence, and some musicians feel more comfortable performing music for an audience than expressing themselves in other situations. As a result, many kids develop a strong sense of personal identity through their music lessons.

2. Aids Socialization

music lessonsAlthough music education requires some time spent practicing alone, there are many opportunities to share the joy of music with others. Teens and kids will find like-minded people who have a similar interest in music, and they’ll expand their social circle by sharing their passion. Social opportunities include joining a band, talking about their music lessons with peers, or casually jamming with fellow musicians.

3. Develops Essential Skills

Several skills are required to learn to play music. Students will develop muscle memory, tune into different senses at the same time, and improve their cognitive function. These abilities can be used innately to support other forms of academic studies. For example, keeping a beat strengthens mathematical skills, and adjusting to changing tempos and tones aids foreign language learning.


If you want your child or teen to enjoy these benefits, contact the team at Hawaii MusicWorks in Pearl City. This school welcomes students of all ages, and their coaches will help your little one master an instrument and find their own playing style. For more information about their music lessons, fill out an inquiry form online or call (808) 486-8600.