Songwriting is a challenging art, and it requires patience, dedication, and experimentation. If you’re a new composer, working with a professional music coach will help your original become a polished piece. Use the guide below to get started on crafting the tune.

Which Components Does My Original Song Need?

1. Introduction

This part opens the song and should hook your listener within a few moments. There’s no correct way to create an interesting introduction, but it typically starts at a slow pace. This tempo allows you to build speed and complexity gradually so that you don’t overwhelm the listener. The opening may include a hint of the song’s melody or feature a vocal riff.

2. Verse  image

Verses are the meat of the music, and these lyrics typically convey a story that matches the song’s mood. Each track has about two or three of them, so build on the last section of the story in the following verse to propel the narrative. For example, you can talk about packing for a trip in the first verse, getting on a plane in the second, and arriving at the destination in the third. 

3. Pre-Chorus

Pre-choruses bridge the melodic gap between the verse and the upcoming chorus so that the song flows seamlessly. Not all songs have them, but many music coaches encourage their use to signal a shift in the tune.

This component is typically used if the chorus features a new instrument or is in another tempo than the verse. For instance, if you want your chorus to have a lot of drums, use the pre-chorus to ramp up the instrument’s usage so that the listener isn’t startled by the sudden, sharp beats of percussion.

4. Chorus

The chorus is the catchiest part of the song, and it’s typically the climax. This part tends to be more upbeat, dramatic, and memorable than the verse before it.

Additionally, the chorus summarizes the tune’s story, sometimes including the track’s title. Since this part is usually repeated several times, creating tight, memorable lyrics will help etch the chorus into your listeners’ minds.


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