The deck is a great place to relax with family, host a cookout, and enjoy some alone time. However, with frequent use and exposure to the elements, the structure might start to show signs of wear over time. While minor issues can be repaired, frequent and larger ones might mean it’s time to call your deck builder for a replacement. Pay attention to the following signs that you need to upgrade your deck.

How to Know When to Replace Your Deck

1. Deck Separation or Sagging

Ledger boards attach the deck to the home. Over time, they may become damaged or start to rot, and the deck will begin to lean away from the home. To check for this issue, step away from the house. If the deck looks like it’s leaning to one side, it’s no longer structurally sound and could collapse. Avoid using it until you get a professional inspection from a deck builder. In most cases, extensive damage like this will require a replacement to ensure the safety of the deck.

2. Rotten & Eroded Posts

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Decks are installed on posts that are set into the ground. Over time, water may erode the ground around each post, destabilizing them. Consequently, they might wobble or even snap. The posts can also begin to rot from water damage, which means they will no longer provide adequate support for the structure.

In either case, replacing the posts will likely mean replacing the whole deck. A deck builder can then rethink how the posts are anchored to prevent future erosion and rot.

3. Noticeable Wear or Damage

If a large part of the surface contains warped and cracked boards, patches of mold, or areas of softer wood, it’s time to consider a replacement. While a younger deck might be salvaged with a few repairs, for an older deck that has been subject to harsh weather and spills, a new structure will be more cost-effective and will better ensure its safety and stability.


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