A clogged drain can be a huge nuisance for you and your family. However, snaking your drains can remove any debris that may be blocking your pipes. If a professional snaked your drains, there are a few ways you can prevent future clogs. Below are some do’s and don’ts to follow after snaking your pipes.  


Install a strainer in all drains. 

Adding a strainer to the top of your drains will help to prevent further clogs. Water will pass through the strainer, but items that can cause a clog like hair and other debris will be caught in the mesh wiring. This will keep your pipes free of particles that may lead to a clogged drain later on. You’ll need to clear the strainer frequently so water can continue to pass through the mesh. 

Keep an eye on the drains that were snaked.

clogged drainPay close attention to the clogged drains that have been previously snaked. In the future, make sure to keep those specific ones clear of debris. If you continue to notice a clog in the same drain, try using a plunger to loosen it. If the issue persists, then it may be greater than just a simple clog, such as a broken pipe, so it’s best to contact a professional to inspect it. 


Pour grease down the drains. 

Grease becomes solid as it cools, and when this happens, it makes it impossible for it to continue traveling down your pipes. It will settle and congeal, creating an impassable clogged drain. Pouring grease down a drain could cause blockages that may require a professional snake service. If the clog is severe enough, it may even require a hydro-jetting service.

Put coffee grounds down the drain. 

One common misconception is that coffee grounds can be put down the sink. However, they actually don’t break down with water. As they pass through a drain, they tend to gather together, forming large clumps. Over time, the grounds will continue to pack together, forming a large clog in your drain. To avoid this, always tap out the grounds from your coffee filter before washing it. 

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