Water jetting, also known as hydro jetting, is an effective process that is often used to clear out difficult clogs. From hardened grease to obstructive tree roots, this equipment can cut through stubborn obstructions to restore proper water flow. If you have a clog in your drain and you want to learn more about how professionals use this equipment, consult the frequently asked questions and answers below for more information.

Questions About Water Jetting Answered

How does water jetting work?

Water jetting will help resolve some of the worst clogs in plumbing systems. The equipment used includes a motorized device that releases a high-pressure stream of water through a hose, out of a nozzle, and into the area where the problem is. The pressure is strong enough to slice through any obstruction.

When is it appropriate?

water jettingWhile a drain snake or an auger works well in drain cleaning, there are some clogs that are just too much and need a more aggressive approach. Tree roots, thick grease, and difficult-to-reach blockages usually require water jetting to break through and clear the pipes.

Unlike an auger that only attacks the blockage, hydro jetting clears away everything in the pipes, leaving you with a fresh plumbing system free from debris.

Is it safe for plumbing pipes?

When handled by experts who know how to use the equipment, your pipes will remain safe throughout the process. Plumbers and drain professionals understand how to adjust the pressure, depending on the size and material of the plumbing system. If they deem the plumbing system too old or fragile, they’ll suggest other methods to prevent breakage, such as snaking.

Do you need a professional?

You should not try to use water jetting on your own. For the safety of your plumbing and for yourself, it’s best to let the professionals handle the process. Besides understanding how to set the pressure and control the device properly, trained technicians also have the equipment and experience to perform inspections, so they know exactly where and how to approach your clog.



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