When most people find themselves in need of drain services, they expect it to be the result of a clogged drain, such as from their child flushing a toy down the toilet. Quite often, however, these issues actually occur as a result of the plant life located near the plumbing lines. Knowing what is or isn’t safe for your plumbing before planting can prevent the need for additional drain services in the future.

Safe Plants

Choose plants with shorter root systems. These are less likely to reach sewer lines because they don’t go as deep.

drain servicesTrees should generally be planted farther away from your plumbing, but safer options include Japanese maples, boxwoods, and flowering dogwoods. Small shrubs are also generally safe. However, all trees and bushes should still be kept at least 10 feet away from your sewer lines.

You can further protect your plumbing by applying a growth inhibitor chemical spray to the sewer lines or by installing plastic or metal deflectors around the pipes. 

Plants to Avoid

Fast-growing trees with deep roots, such as ash, oak, elm, birch, and sycamore shouldn’t be planted near plumbing systems. Their aggressive root systems are more likely to penetrate sewer lines, resulting in clogs and leaks. Such trees should be planted at least 100 feet away from the system.

Before planting, have the utility company mark all plumbing lines on your property. This will help you keep all plant life at a safe distance.


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