If your home’s drains are slow or have backed up, a rooter service is the expert to call. They provide a range of services to keep your pipes flowing and avoid common problems that can cause damage. The guide below discusses what they do and when to call them.

Why Call a Rooter Service?

Trees and shrubs have surprisingly large root systems. The roots can spread wide and deep to seek water and nutrients. Your sewer pipe is a feast for a tree, so if it can find even the tiniest crack or gap in the pipes, it will send roots inside.

These roots can clog the pipe and even crack it open. A rooter service specializes in clearing out these root tangles along with any other pipe blockages. They can do this quickly, often without having to dig up the pipes.

What Services Do They Offer?

Rooter ServiceIn the past, many professionals used mechanical rooter devices to tear away the roots inside a pipe. Today, most prefer water jetting, sending pressurized water down the pipes with such force that it shears off the roots without damaging the pipe itself. They may also use sewer cameras to locate and show you the blockage in your pipes, may offer other drain cleaning and clog busting services, and even offer pipe repair for cracked, corroded, or collapsed pipes.

When Is It Time to Call Them?

If you have a clogged drain in your home, you can try to dislodge it yourself using a plunger. If this doesn’t work, or if more than one drain is clogged, you need a rooter service. These professionals have the equipment to dislodge stubborn clogs, including water jets and snakes. Water jets effectively cut through tree root systems to eliminate blockages, while snakes can dislodge sink and floor drain clogs. 

You can also call them for routine cleanings every year to prevent future clogs and catch problems with your pipes early.


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