All toilets develop blockages from time to time. Even in older systems, however, there are steps that you can take to prevent inconvenient clogged toilets from developing. Here are some basic points to keep in mind, along with some factors to avoid, when your toilet clogs.


Watch what you flush.

It’s only safe to flush human waste and toilet paper. Items such as cotton balls, hygiene products, and paper towels aren’t designed to break down properly in the system. Instead, they may form a blockage that prevents anything from passing.

Even baby wipes marked as “flushable” aren’t entirely safe. They typically don’t disintegrate fully, making the likelihood of clogs even greater. These items also compromise the healthy bacteria in the septic tank, making it harder for them to break down waste.

Teach kids toilet habits.

Children are curious by nature, and they’re likely to toss toys and other objects of all sizes directly into the toilet if they have the opportunity. While you might be able to retrieve them, it’s an inconvenience. If you accidentally flush them, it may lead to a significant clog.

Remind kids old that it’s not safe to put anything in the toilet. If you have younger children, consider installing a latch lock to prevent them from snapping the lid up.


Use chemical drain cleaners.

clogged toiletWhile many of these products claim to fix clogged toilets quickly, they can actually make the problem worse in some cases. If you have an aging plumbing system, for example, the pipes may already be vulnerable to leaks or corrosion.

Adding chemicals to the equation could weaken them further by eating through the materials, leading to premature failure.

Fix clogs by yourself.

While you should always keep a plunger nearby to dislodge clogs, don’t attempt to fix the problem if it happens repeatedly. It could be due to an object locked in the trap, the area that creates separation between the drain line and the toilet. When you flush, debris wraps around the object and makes it even more difficult to flush.

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