Landscaping can be highly beneficial for your septic tank and drain field when done right. Aggressive roots might damage septic systems and cause backups that must be fixed by drain services, but plants with shallow, slow-growing roots help absorb excess moisture and reduce erosion problems. Here are some plants you safely grow over your septic tank and drain field.

A Guide to the Best Plants for Septic Systems

1. Bee Balms

Bee balms are perennial plants that produce beautiful scarlet flowers with unique tubular petals. Perennials are great choices because they have shallow root systems, which won’t grow into your septic system underground. Many drain fields have wetter and saltier soil, so they are not suitable for all growth. Luckily, bee balms are tolerant of these conditions and will thrive in your garden.

2. Coneflowers

If the areas over your drain servicesseptic tank and drain field get a lot of sun, consider planting coneflowers. These vibrant blooms come in many different colors, including purple, red, pink, and fiery orange. They are remarkably drought-resistant and grow best in full sunlight. Like bee balms, coneflowers are perennials with shallow roots.

3. Boxwood Shrubs

Most shrubs grow roots far too fast and deep to be safe for septic systems, but boxwoods are an exception. These evergreen shrubs are lush, hardy, and easy to incorporate into any garden or landscape. Many homeowners enjoy clipping them into neat hedges, balls, and other shapes. They are slow-growing and develop shallow roots.

4. Ground Covers

“Ground cover” refers to a landscaping category of low-lying plants that tend to spread over the ground with little maintenance. Their roots do not grow very deep, so just about any ground cover plant would be suitable for a garden over a septic tank and drain field. Popular choices include daylilies, creeping phlox, baby’s tears, creeping thyme, and dragon’s blood sedum.

5. Japanese Maple Trees

Planting a tree over a septic system would undoubtedly cause problems that require drain services, so it is best to avoid most of them altogether. But if you truly want a tree in your garden, choose the shallow-rooted Japanese maple. This elegant tree provides an excellent focal point with its striking red, orange, and purple leaves.


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