School is finally out and the ensuing free weeks create the perfect opportunity for your child to explore their creative side. Summer art projects will get their artistic juices flowing, and everyone will have fun creating something new. Hawaiian Graphics is Honolulu’s favorite arts and crafts store, and they have everything you need to make this summer the most colorful and imaginative season of the year. Here are a few summer art projects your kids will love.

Summer Art Projects for Kids

Symmetrical Butterflies

art projectsButterflies are a universal symbol of summer fun, and your kids can make their own while also learning about color mixing and symmetry. Take a large piece of paper and fold it in half. Ask your child to draw half a butterfly by sketching one wing with half the body meeting the folded crease of the paper. Then cut along the lines, making sure you get both sides of the paper. When you’re done, you should be able to unfold the cutout and see a perfectly symmetrical butterfly. From there, your child can put small dabs of different colored paint on one wing. When it’s just how they like it, fold the wings together. When you open it up again, you’ll have a beautiful, colorful butterfly.

Seaside Color Collage

Learn about color composition with this fun summer art project. Gather up your blue painting supplies and look around the house for other blue materials like yarn, beads, paper and bits of cloth. You’ll also need white glue, scissors, white paint & small amounts of other color paints. Let your child create new color shades by mixing the blue and white or tiny amounts of different colored paints in different ratios. Have them paint the ocean using all the different shades of blue. They can also glue other cut pieces of blue paper or 3-D objects for more effect. You can add sand and shells to make it come alive to complete their masterpiece.

These summer projects will keep your child happy and engaged whether you’re outside enjoying warm weather or caught inside on a rainy day. Stock up on your art supplies for a full summer’s worth of artistic fun at Hawaiian Graphics. Call them at (808) 973-7171 or visit their website for more information.