Happy hour is a tradition at many companies, and it often becomes the highlight of employees’ schedule. You may wonder how a corporate-sponsored visit to a restaurant or bar could help your business. This sort of outing has many benefits both in and out of the workplace.

How A Happy Hour Can Benefit Employees

1. Foster Friendships Among Employees

Coworkers who only interact within the confines of the workplace are less likely to get to know each other on a deeper level. Until they establish those deeper bonds, they won’t be as invested in ensuring that everyone in their office is happy and successful. A relaxed restaurant atmosphere can allow them to form connections and foster friendships. 

2. Attract New Employees

New hires want more than simply a paycheck—they’re searching for a great company culture that provides extra perks and cares about them as individuals. Special outings communicate that while you expect them to work hard, you also want them to have fun.

3. Facilitate Team Building

happy hourAs well as helping your employees develop individual friendships, you want them to interact as a team. Getting everyone together in an informal setting helps establish a group ethos. When everyone understands where they fit inside the company’s social dynamic, they’ll feel like they belong, and you’ll have less friction both in business and in play.

4. Celebrate Successes

It’s important to acknowledge major achievements and milestones for your team members. When they do something worthy of praise, taking everyone out for company-sponsored drinks is an excellent way to show them that you appreciate their work and want to reward their efforts.

5. Help Everyone Unwind 

Even the best job has certain stressful aspects. You want to create a company where people are excited to show up for work each day—and that means helping them leave each day’s troubles behind. A happy hour will help them relax, resetting the clock for tomorrow so they’ll come in feeling fresh and motivated.



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