You may already be familiar with a variety of human allergies. However, if you have a canine friend, you may also have to deal with a pet allergy, specifically to fabric. Roughly a fifth of all dogs are allergic to something, and fabric is a common culprit. Since an allergy can make your friend just as uncomfortable as it does a human, read on for information about how to spot and handle it.

What Are the Most Common Fabric Allergens for Pets?

While a variety of fabrics could be responsible for your dog’s allergic reactions, the common sources are suede, cotton, polyester, and faux fur. You’ll often find these fabrics in curtains, bedding, clothing, towels, carpets, and rugs. 

The problem is that they are often manufactured with chemicals, like flame retardants, to which your friend may be sensitive. Longer fibers may also snag dirt, dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria, and a dog’s body is unlikely to tolerate them in large amounts.

What Symptoms May Pets Experience?

pet allergy

Pet allergy symptoms may be similar in many ways to those of humans. If your furry friend’s body is responding to an allergen, they may cough, sneeze, or scratch persistently at rashes in their skin. They may also develop swelling, hives, a runny nose, and discharge from their eyes. On rare occasions, they could even go into anaphylactic shock.

What Are Some Solutions & How Can a Vet Help?

At home, the best way to treat a pet allergy is to prevent a reaction. If possible, get a hypoallergenic bed for your friend, ideally composed of 100% cotton or hemp with no chemical treatments. Raise their bed off the floor and away from carpet fibers. It’s also best to wash it weekly and replace it annually. 

Take your dog to a veterinary medicine center for allergy consulting. It’s possible that the veterinarian can prescribe antihistamines, steroids, antibiotics, or other medicines that will relieve your dog’s symptoms.

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