Drivers get stranded on the highway every day. Problems such as a flat tire, an overheating engine, or other issues will require you to pull over immediately and call for roadside assistance. Because other drivers are passing at high speeds, you should take precautionary measures to get out of their way and stay visible.

How to Safely Wait for Highway Roadside Assistance

1. Don’t Panic

When you hear a tire blow or see smoke coming out from under your hood, the natural reaction is to panic. Take a deep breath and maintain control of your vehicle. If you need to, move over as soon as you safely can. Don’t forget to use your blinker and check your blind spot as you change lanes.

2. Park Off the Highway

If you can keep driving safely for a little while, such as if your check engine light turned on, get to the next off-ramp or an area with a wide shoulder section. Pull over in an area with slow or sparse traffic. If you need to stop more urgently, such as a blown tire or overheating engine, park over as far as possible on the right shoulder until roadside assistance arrives.

3. Make Yourself Visible

Turn on your vehicle’s hazard roadside assistancelights, so other drivers know you’ve stopped for an emergency. These lights turn on by a button on your dashboard with a triangle on it. Be safe when you get out of the vehicle; if you’re too close to passing traffic, get out on the passenger’s side. Pull out your hazard cones or traffic triangles and place them behind your car. Place the reflective side toward oncoming traffic. Put one at 10 feet behind your car, another at 100 feet, and a third at 200 feet.


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