Flower bouquets make a home smell beautiful and add a nice decorative touch to any space. While they can't last forever, you can take steps to lengthen their life span and enjoy them a bit longer. Here are a few pointers on caring for your blooms.

How to Keep Your Flower Bouquet Alive

1. Keep the Water Fresh


Remove the water from the vase every two or three days and replace it with a fresh supply. Otherwise, the bacteria in the old water will clog the stems and keep the blooms from receiving proper hydration. For the best results, fill the vase to about 3/4 of its height with warm water.

2. Trim the Stems

The ends of the stems dry out when flowers are left out or in a vase, making it more difficult for them to retain water. Prevent this issue by cutting half an inch from the stems before placing them in a vase and each time the water is changed. Cut at a 45-degree angle with sharp scissors to avoid crushing the stems. Doing this every time you refill or replace the water exposes fresh tissue, encouraging proper absorption.

3. Refrigerate Them at Night

Many experts suggest refrigerating your flowers at night since they thrive in cooler temperatures. Refrigerate your bouquet for up to eight hours each evening and remove them in the morning to keep them looking healthy and vibrant for up to 10 days. If you notice any shriveled petals when placing the blooms in the fridge, remove them to keep bacteria from spreading.


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