Mounting a TV on the wall is simple when you have the right tools. Not only does a mounted TV offer an excellent view for the whole room, but it also saves floor space and is a simple DIY project that you can complete with only a few steps. This guide explains how you can mount a TV yourself and save money on professional installation.

5 Steps to Mount Your TV

1. Gather the Necessary Tools

Decide where on the wall you want to mount your TV for the best viewing angles as you get your tools together. You’ll need a pencil, stud finder, level, and a drill with a masonry bit. Also, grab a partner to help with positioning and lifting the TV.

2. Locate the Wall Studs & Drill Pilot Holes

Take your stud finder and move it across the wall you’ve chosen. When it indicates it’s found a stud, mark it with a pencil and get your drill. Hold the mount up to the wall and use a level to ensure it’s straight. Attach the masonry bit to your drill and make holes on top of your pencil markings.

3. Attach the Mounting Bracket to the Wall

toolsHave your partner hold the mounting bracket up to the wall and ensure it’s straight. Drill the mounting screws into the pilot holes made in the previous step.

4. Connect the Mounting Plate to the TV

Every TV has mounting plate attachment holes at the back. These may be covered in plastic or have screws in them. Remove these and attach the mounting plate to the back of the TV with the included hardware.

5. Mount the TV to the Wall

Lift the TV with your partner, having them take the bulk of the weight. Using a free hand, line the mounting arm or TV plate up with the bracket on the wall. Use the instructions that came with your mount to connect them. The means of attachment can vary with different manufacturers, so always read the instructions carefully.


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