Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your outdated furnace, there are many heating systems on the market to choose from. Before you go shopping, you’ll need to determine which sort is right for your needs. Below is a comprehensive guide to the most common kinds of heating systems and their advantages and disadvantages. 

3 Top Home Heating Systems to Know

1. Furnaces

Furnaces are the most popular heating system among homeowners. They can run on gas, oil, or electricity. The system uses a flame and one of the latter heating sources to move heated air through the ducts and vents around the home. Oil systems are often found in older homes, while gas furnaces are more common in recent construction. This system is affordable and especially effective for heating homes in colder climates. 

2. Boilers

heating systemWhile furnaces heat air, boilers heat water and distribute the steam through the pipes to heat your home. Boilers are more efficient than furnaces because air can’t hold heat. This system does not need ductwork and can also provide hot water. However, furnaces have lower maintenance costs than boilers. 

3. Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps pull external heat from the outside and use refrigerant to convert the heat to gas. The gas is then circulated through a coil, which heats the air before it’s circulated through the home. Heat pumps are energy-efficient and can function as both an air conditioner and a heater. They don’t work efficiently in temperatures below freezing, however, so they’re generally better suited to temperate climates. 


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