Industrial air compressors are essential components of many industries. Despite the usefulness of this type of equipment, the device can be extremely loud during operation. High noise levels make it hard for co-workers to communicate, but they can also damage the hearing of anyone exposed to them for long periods. Purchasing the right compressor parts and performing routine maintenance can help you better control workplace noise. The following guide details several ways to help keep sound levels to a normal decibel.

How to Reduce Noise Produced By Air Compressors

1. Install a Muffling Device

An air compressor has an intake valve, which is how it draws air into the machine.  Once it enters the device, it passes through the flapper valve, which causes constant, noisy vibrations. A muffling device uses soundproof materials to quiet air intake by reducing the quaking and buzzing. The part also serves as an air filter, which improves operation by preventing debris from getting into the system.

2. Hang Acoustic Blankets

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Acoustic blankets are made from materials like fiberglass and foam, both of which are effective at absorbing sounds. Blankets can be hung on the walls around the room to block excess noise from traveling to other areas of the workplace. If the air compressor is within an enclosure, soundproof blankets should be hung around the interior.

3. Perform Proper Maintenance

While all compressors make some noise when running, faulty or worn components can increase the sounds coming out of the equipment. Essential maintenance will make for quieter operation, but it will also prolong the life of the air compressor. Due to the constant friction and high heat generated by moving parts, routine lubrication is a must. Dirt buildup within the machine can also cause unnecessary wear, which is why air filters must be changed on a regular schedule. 


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