Painting a room or outdoor space with brushes and rollers can take a long time. It can also leave streaks or drips on the surface, giving it an uneven and messy appearance. Using an air compressor helps you get the job done faster and more effectively. Whether you already own an air compressor or are looking into compressor rental options, here’s what you need to know about using this type of equipment for painting.

Top 3 Tips for Painting With an Air Compressor

1. Choose the Right Materials

To complete the job, you’ll need an air compressor, a paint sprayer, paint, and paint thinners. Make sure the paint sprayer and air compressor are compatible with one another. Normally, oil-based paints tend to work well with sprayers. If you don’t already have a device, work with a compressor rental company to determine the best option for your particular job.

2. Cover Everything

compressor rentalSprayers can send paint flying everywhere, so it’s even more important to cover everything you don’t want covered in paint. Remove furniture from the room, set up drop cloths, and use painter’s tape to cover areas around the trim.

3. Move Continuously

When you’re applying the paint, make sure to move the sprayer in smooth, continuous motions so product goes on evenly. Normally, it’s best to hold the sprayer about ten inches away from the surface you’re painting, but check the instructions for your specific compressor and sprayer before applying.


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