Math can be an intimidating subject for a lot of children. The way mathematical concepts build on each other makes it easy for kids to fall behind if they struggle with even one operation. The next logical step for many parents is to hire a math tutor. However, it is a common problem for kids to miss out on the potential benefits tutoring can offer. Here are a few ways to help your child maximize the benefits of tutoring. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Child's Session With a Math Tutor

1. Get Prepared 

Before the day of your child's session arrives, spend some time preparing. Go through your child's graded assignments and select a few that represent the main areas of struggle. Have these assignments available for the tutor to review for patterns. 

If the session is taking place in your home, set up an area that contains all the supplies your child might need and make sure distractions are as minimized as possible. Ensure that your child is fed, alert, and ready to learn before the tutor arrives.

2. Ask for Visual Aids

Math tutor

If your child struggles with memory and prioritization, ask his or her tutor to leave behind checklists, formulas, practice problems, and written tips for daily review. The more your child practices a concept, the easier it will become to remember each step of the process when completing homework assignments, quizzes, and proficiency tests. 

3. Involve Your Child's Teacher

If your child is struggling in class, arrange a math tutor after first speaking to his or her teacher. Often, kids think that they understand a certain concept when they actually haven't grasped it yet. 

Rather than relying on your child's account alone, get as much information as possible about the areas where deficiencies have been observed and documented. Then, your child's math tutor will be able to pinpoint certain aspects that need extra attention.


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