Backyard playsets can include swings, slides, clubhouses, and climbing gear to give kids an easy and fun way to spend time outside. You can even build one of these yourself with a customized design for your children—all you need is the right lumber and building materials. The first step in this process is to determine how much space you have to work with. Here are some tips for measuring. 

How to Measure Your Lawn for Playset Construction

1. Only Measure Clear, Level Ground

Even if you have a large yard, only measure the space that’s ideal for a playset. Avoid sloped or uneven ground and any areas that have obstructions, such as trees or large rocks. You could always reconfigure your landscaping to move things like garden beds out of the way, but the process will move faster if you have enough flat ground that's already clear. 

2. Measure Vertically 


Most people know to measure the actual dimensions on the ground, but they sometimes forget to also go vertically. If there are tree branches or utility lines running through your yard, they could get in the way of your set or pose safety hazards for kids as they play. Try to avoid these obstacles, or at least make sure they’re high enough to not get in the way of kids running or jumping on the top level. 

3. Leave Clearance Around the Set

Once you have the dimensions of flat, clear ground with plenty of clearance above, expand the size around the structure a little more. This leaves room for kids to run around the set and to participate in activities like swinging or sliding. Generally, you want at least 6 feet of space all around so that kids can play without encountering dangerous obstacles or a sudden slope. 


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