Whether you’re fixing up a small foyer or gutting your entire kitchen, a renovation takes patience and perseverance. In addition to dealing with the stress that comes with any home improvement project, you also have to live amid the dirt, chaos, and contractors. Before you kick off your next big remodeling job, check out these ideas for making it as stress-free as possible. 

Your Guide to Living Through a Renovation

1. Make a Plan & Set Up a Sanctuary

Planning properly for a renovation goes beyond floor plans, building materials, and contractor coordination. You also need to think about the logistics of your daily life and organize accordingly. For example, are there any appliances or pieces of furniture you need to store? Do you have pets you need to board? If you’re remodeling a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, have you figured out where you will eat, sleep, and bathe? You’ll lessen the impact these inconveniences have on your life if you prepare for them advance.

2. Maintain a Schedule

ContractorJust because your house is out of order doesn’t mean your life has to be. This is especially important if you have kids. While you may have to make adjustments depending on when your contractors come and go, maintaining daily routines such as set meal times and gym visits will make the renovation process feel more manageable and your life feel less out of control.

3. Stay Positive

Keeping a positive attitude is important during a renovation. Always remember the end goal: if you start to get discouraged issues like budget problems, take a minute to envision that brand new bathtub or remodeled kitchen design. If you created an inspiration board on Pinterest to share with your contractor, pull it up during the renovation to remind yourself of the end goal.  


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