There are many types of windows on the market today, but double-pane versions offer a long list of benefits for your home. This style’s main feature is that instead of just one pane of glass, there are two that are separated by a space of air or gas. Below are several reasons to choose double pane for your window replacement this year.

Why Choose Double-Pane Windows?

1. Efficiency

One of the top reasons to install double-pane windows is energy efficiency. Because the design features two panes of glass with a gas layer in between, there is a reduction in heating and cooling loss, which means better insulation all year long. Your energy costs will be reduced as will repair and maintenance on your HVAC since your system won’t overwork trying to maintain comfortable temperatures.

2. Safety

Double-pane windows feature heavy-duty frames set around multiple layers of glass, making them much harder to break. This is beneficial against not only shattering dangers but also security against criminals. Newer varieties are also made from safer materials that don’t emit dangerous substances into your home. Older windows, on the other hand, often contain lead and asbestos, which are health hazards.

3. Noise Reduction

Noise from the outside world is greatly reduced, which keeps your home quiet and cozy. The extra layer of glass and the gas layer help filter out sounds such as neighbors, animals, and even traffic. The quieter your home, the more relaxed you feel inside.

4. Storm Window Elimination

window replacementSingle-pane window systems usually require storm windows that you would swap out depending on the season. Usually, homeowners need protection during the winter and summer because of the temperature changes. However, with double-pane windows, there is no need to change out anything. Their design protects your home no matter the temperature.



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